Thirty-third Expedition of Kashubia.

Thirty-third Expedition of Kashubia.

The Magnificent Seven, that is judges, protected the order on the stages and route of the event. There are as many as seven of them because this time most of the stamps were placed on special stages between the tapes. It was not easy and in some cases, it was not possible without a safety belt or the use of two winches. There also was plenty of mud.

This is how it looked this time, on the shortest route in the history of Kashubia for Offroad groups, (that is Adventure, Extreme and Open). The whole route was literally 2500m long. It included 7 sections and the remaining classic tests, such as the loose hanging seal, in a place which is difficult to reach.

The Expedition group was different. The route for this group was about 120 km long, as usual, and despite the general mobility, it has several interesting places to travel. You could find old, forgotten roads with ruts after forest equipment and a road completely flooded with water. All these places were passable and checked by the team, however, they required from you the prudence and thoughtfulness.

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