Saturday morning, the sun rising lazily from the surrounding forests and the sound of dozens of off-road car engines. Happy greetings, smiling faces and people crowding around the application table. This was the beginning of the fourth round of the Expedition Cup 2018.

Despite the friendly atmosphere, there was no doubt that it is a competition. All the teams were very well prepared. The organisers arranged for the participants five sections between the tapes. Half of the stamps were traditional, hanging on trees with muddy and difficult crossings. The rest of the stamps were located on the abovementioned routes between the tapes. All participants were aware of the principle, which was given to us by the organizer himself at the briefing – first check, then ride. These were not words that were thrown at the wind. The crossings were very difficult and some teams encountered huge problems with overcoming them. The rain did not help either, as it turned several tests from very difficult to completely impassable ones. On our way, we saw cars without wheels, buried in mud to the very windows or pushed out of the pits by very friendly participants. Broken side windows, broken mudguards, damaged hooks, cracked headlights, scratched paint – these are really just some of the malfunctions that happened to the participants of this expedition.

The longest route led through very beautiful areas between the cities of Lebork, Choczewo and Wicko. It is a sparsely populated and charming area. I will remember the rally on the old runway at the old field airport between the wind turbines towering over us for a long time. A walk around a graveyard in search of the first letter of a certain name (this is part of the task, don’t worry) will be in my memory for a long while as well.

The time trial is also very important for the competition. The organizer did not disappoint us – we had to drive through the old structures, more precisely through the very narrow corridors of the damaged building on an old farm. Time was important, but everyone cared about their cars too. Nobody wanted to finish their expedition on the gate or the pillar supporting the roof.

The Expedition Cup is a great event, friendly participants, unique atmosphere.

We recommend it to everyone, no matter if they are just starting their adventure with off-road or are already veterans.


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