The fourth round of the Expedition Cup 2018

Organizers of the Kashubian Expedition, approach each edition of the event individually. There are many factors that they need to take into account, such as the land available, the season and humidity. Each of the events must be properly balanced so that the first, the most efficient participants will finish 2 or 3 hours before the end of the event and the peloton will reach the base before the 19:00. This also applies to the difficulty of obstacles. During the previous edition of the event, only one crew got a set of stamps.

About half of the stamps will be traditional, i.e. a tree seal and the other half will be placed in segments. This time the rule is: first see, then ride. The section with the traverse will be very demanding and will not be without assurance. The next section with a 3×3-metre cross-trench will not be for everyone either. First see, then ride!
The trails are already prepared. Long route for Expedition group and a little shorter for Offroad group. The areas between Lębork, Choczew and Wick belong to the sparsely populated parts of Kashubia. The route leads through the Łeba River Delta, which additionally enhances the feeling of alienation and closeness to nature. For Expedition group 5 photo points have been prepared. It will be terrible – one of the photo points to find will be a crypt with open coffins.

The episode for the time that accompanies each edition of the event is in fact very important in the competition. It is there that the fate is decided, and it is often there that the winner is decided.
Going at the beginning or at the end of the event? If the area is sandy, then the section will flatten itself and if the peat section is first, you should drive in front of others. What is the strategy to follow? You never know.

However, this time the area will neither be flattened nor deepened. You will see.

Event page with full information – here and here.

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