Xtreme Outback Launches New Upgrades to Suit Jeep Models

Xtreme Outback, the heavy-duty 4WD division of Australian Clutch Services, has recently revealed a new range of Jeep heavy duty upgrade clutches to suit 2.8L Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler models. The kits include a heavy duty pressure plate, organic or ceramic friction disc and a single mass flywheel conversion, to convert the original dual mass flywheel. The upgrades have been designed to suit the Jeep Cherokee 2.8L from 2008-2012 and 2.8L Wrangler models from 2007-2009.

The new kits have been through extensive research and testing in-house at Xtreme Outback. Producing 1000 Kg’s of clamp load, the kit can handle 770 Nm of engine torque when utilising a ceramic disc.

“Our new heavy-duty range to suit the Jeep Cherokee and Wrangler 2.8L models has been developed for this growing market of modified Jeep models in Australia, America and Europe” explains Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan “The kits are ideal for modified vehicles that are used regularly off-road or tow heavy loads.”

Xtreme Outback also offers a heavy-duty organic clutch suitable for use in the 2.5L Jeep Cherokee, 3.6L Wrangler and 4.0L Wrangler. “We offer a comprehensive range of kits to suit a variety of Jeep models” explains Mr Jordan, “The range has been specifically designed to provide exceptional driveability and performance both on-road and off-road.”

For more information about the Xtreme Outback range, please call +48 510 380 085 or email info@xtremeoutback.eu.

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