Cookies Policy


The portal uses so-called “cookies”. Cookies are files containing various pieces of information that are saved on your device (computer, smartphone, etc.) when you visit websites. Our portal sends them to your browser, which then sends them back on the next visits to the site. Thanks to cookies, the portal recognises you and remembers, for example, your preferences (visits, clicks, previous actions).

Cookies make it possible to adjust the operation of websites to the preferences of users. Thanks to cookies, we are able to refine and improve the Portal, so that its use is even easier and more convenient.


Cookies are used by the Portal for the purpose of:

  • adjusting the content of website to the preferences of the visitor and optimising the use of the website; in particular, these files allow the device of a visitor to the Portal to be recognised and proper display of the site, tailored to their individual needs;
  • collecting statistics that inform about how visitors to the Portal use the websites, which allows improvements in their structure and content – the analysis of these statistics is anonymous and allows the content and appearance of the Portal to be adjusted to the prevailing trends, statistics are also used to evaluate the popularity of the website;
  • maintaining the session of the person visiting the Portal before logging in, so that the Portal remembers the contents of the basket and the products added to it, and after logging in, it is not necessary to re-enter the login and password on each subpage
  • ensuring the proper functioning of a chat provided by an external entity, i.e. Live Agent.


There are many types of cookies. The easiest way to describe them is on account of their characteristics.

We can divide “cookies” according to:

  1. their necessity for use of our Portal:
    1. Strictly necessary – as the name suggests, they are necessary for the proper functioning of the Portal and for the functionalities you want to use. Without these types of cookies, it would be impossible to make purchases in our online store. Some of them also ensure the security of the services we provide electronically.
    2. Preferences/Functionality – they are not necessary for the basic functioning of the Portal; however, disabling them will result in the website not being adapted to the individual preferences of users, and some functions will not work
  2. the period for which the cookies will be placed on your device
    1. Session cookies – remain in the device’s web browser until it is turned off or exits the website on which they were placed;
    2. Persistent cookies – are not deleted after the browser is closed and remain in the device until they are deleted by the user or until the time defined in advance by the parameters in the “cookie” file
  3. the entity that manages cookies
    1. Own cookies – “cookies” placed on websites directly by the Portal Owner
    2. External cookies – “cookies” placed on websites by third parties, in connection with our use of tools such as Paypal to make payments and the use of information obtained in this way. In the event that the Portal calls up website components from outside the system, standards and rules of their “cookies” policy different to this “cookies” policy may apply. We encourage you to read the cookies policies of the entities whose tools we use:
  4. the purpose for which “cookies” are used
    1. Website configuration – allow you to set up functions and services on websites.
    2. Security and reliability of websites – enable verification of authenticity and optimisation of website performance.
    3. Authentication – enable information regarding when the user is logged in, so that the website can show relevant information and functions.
    4. Session status – allow information to be recorded about how users use the website. They can relate to the most frequently visited pages or any error messages on some pages. Cookies used to save the so-called “Session state” help to improve services and enhance the browsing experience.
    5. Processes – enable efficient operation of the website and the functions available on it.
    6. Analyses and research, audience audit – enable the owner of websites to better understand the preferences of their users and, through analysis, to improve and develop products and services. Typically, the website owner or research company collects information anonymously and processes data on trends without identifying the personal data of individual users.
    7. Marketing and advertising – enable us to present personalised advertisements for our products using advertising networks that use cookies from third parties. Thanks to cookies, our ads are displayed on other websites to people who are interested in our products. They are activated when you visit our website and are only read by the respective advertising partner (e.g. Facebook or YouTube).
  5. the scope of interference with the user’s privacy
    1. Harmless – these are cookies necessary for the proper functioning of the website and necessary to enable the functionality of the website.
    2. Analysing – used to track users, but do not include information that allows (by itself) identification of a specific user.
NameSupplierPurposeExpiry dateScript typeUsage type
__paypal_storage__paypal.comAllows paymentPersistentHTML Local StorageStrictly necessary
basketCountxtremeoutback.euStores data about the size of the basket1 DayHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
cart_idxtremeoutback.euStores the ID of the shopping cart1 DayHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
consentxtremeoutback.euStores the user’s consent (if given)PersistentHTML Local StorageStrictly necessary
SessionIDpaypal.comAllows payment3 yearsHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
enforce_policypaypal.comAllows payment1 yearHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
l7_azpaypal.comAllows payment1 dayHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
ts_cpaypal.comAllows payment3 yearsHTTP CookieStrictly necessary
tspaypal.comAllows paymentSessionPixel TrackerStrictly necessary
LaSIDliveagent.comEnables direct communication via the chatSessionHTTP CookieStatistical
_gagoogle.comRegisters a unique ID used to monitor user activity on the website2 yearsHTTP CookieStatistical
_gatgoogle.comOptimises the number of requests to the server1 DayHTTP CookieStatistical
_gidgoogle.comRegisters a unique ID used to monitor user activity on the website1 DayHTTP CookieStatistical
LaVisitorNewliveagent.comEnables direct communication via the chat1 DayHTTP CookieStatistical
vuidvimeo.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settings2 yearsHTTP CookieStatistical
_fbpfacebook.comUsed by Facebook to pair advertising content3 monthsHTTP CookieMarketing
LaVisitorId_b3pwYXJ0cy5sYWRlc2suY29tLwliveagent.comEnables direct communication via the chatSessionHTTP CookieMarketing
IDEgoogle.comUsed by Google to monitor interactions with items advertised via the browser1 yearHTTP CookieMarketing
test_cookiegoogle.comChecks whether the browser supports cookies1 DayHTTP CookieMarketing
frfacebook.comUsed by Facebook to pair advertising content3 monthsHTTP CookieMarketing
trfacebook.comUsed by Facebook to pair advertising contentSessionPixel TrackerMarketing
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settings179 daysHTTP CookieMarketing
YSCyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsSessionHTTP CookieMarketing
yt.innertube::nextIdyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsPersistentHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt.innertube::requestsyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsPersistentHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-cast-installedyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsSessionHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-connected-devicesyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsPersistentHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-device-idyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsPersistentHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-fast-check-periodyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsSessionHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-session-appyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsSessionHTML Local StorageMarketing
yt-remote-session-nameyoutube.comStores user preferences in relation to video player settingsSessionHTML Local StorageMarketing


  1. The information collected relates in particular to the IP address, type of browser used, language, type of operating system, Internet service provider, information about time and date, location.
  2. As a rule, cookies do not constitute personal data. However, certain information stored in “cookies” (e.g. regarding preferences), especially when combined with other information about the website user, may be considered personal data. Personal data collected using “cookies” may be processed only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user, described above. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access by unauthorised persons
  3. In order to exercise the right to object to the processing of such data, which is granted by the GDPR, it is necessary to log out of all devices and delete cookies from them.


  1. In many cases, the software used for browsing websites (web browser) allows cookies to be stored on the visitor’s end device by default. In this case, the user can change the cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or to inform the user about each entry in the device of a visitor to the Portal. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings.
  2. Detailed information about how to manage cookies for some browsers:
  3. The administrator informs that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Portal’s websites.
  4. If you want to know more about what cookies are and how they work, please visit the site